Spoken Word Performances Gahanna Middle School South

The artistic use of the spoken word in African American culture today draws on and reflects a rich literary and musical heritage. The interaction among these genres, as in the past, has produced some of America's best-known art forms.

Writers like Langston Hughes and writers of the Harlem Renaissance were inspired by the feelings of the blues and African American spiritual music. In turn, contemporary hip-hop and slam poetry artists are inspired by poets like Hughes in their use of metaphor, alliteration, rhythm, and wordplay.

Each year, Gahanna Middle School South provides a Celebration of Spoken Word honoring the achievements and accomplishments of African-Americans in our culture.

Students from Mrs. Passa's eighth-grade English class listen respectably to fellow classmates during the Spoken Word performance.

The performances feature original works by eighth-grade students as they pay tribute to events, groups, and people who have left their lasting impact on our history and culture.

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