Ever Wonder Why Wedding Cakes Don't Have Candles? an insightful look at the dissociation between wedding cakes and candles

It goes without saying that birthday celebrations are considered a big deal – a gathering of family and friends, topped off with cake, candles, and a wish. In fact, it's almost unimaginable that anyone would celebrate such an important occasion without cake, candles and a wish.

Nevertheless, on the biggest celebration of their lives, brides intuitively choose to abandon the candles, to which we as a society have become accustomed; and the reason is both thought-provoking and inspirational.

Three hundred fifty-one...

...that’s how many candles you blow out by the age of twenty-six.

26 birthdays. 26 wishes. 351 candles.

And while no one knows the exact origin of the ritual...
most believe in its ability to bring wishes to life.

But have you ever wondered why wedding cakes don't have candles?

Perhaps it’s because somewhere deep inside, brides know it takes more than wishing to make dreams come true.

Dreams take doing. doing takes knowing. And knowing takes planning.

Ask any bride and she'll tell you...

...when it comes to celebrating marriage, wedding planners make dreams come true – not candles.

planners inspire us to dream...

...starting from the time that we are kids up until the moment that our big day finally arrives.

so here's to planners everywhere...

More dreams come true on Saturday than any other day of the week and...

...it's all because OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU.


Article by Sterlin Barkley

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