Canada in 2050 By: Allissia Samuels

Hello! I choose to create this webpage to make Canadians aware about what Canada will be and change to in 2050. You're probably thinking I'm going to talk about Canada's appearance; however, I am not. I will be talking about how the demography of Canada will change, what our birth rate and death rate will be, weather or not our immigrants will come from the same countries as today, how our First Nations community will change, and the challenges Canada may face.
Immigrating to another country is a huge decision to make that you should really think long and hard a bout and it is a fairly long process to go through for most people.
Although moving to Canada may be a good choice for most immigrants; however, there are many problems that come with immigrating to Canada. For example, learning the language. Learning the language may be easy for some but its an issue that we have as Canadians with English being our first language. Also, employment and housing is an issue we have as well. The reason of this is because when you move to canada you will need a job so your can afford the cost of living. Housing falls into this category because if your are unemployed or don't make enough money you would have no proper place to live. Lastly, another immigration issue that we have is Cultural defense and racism.
Canada is a very diverse place. It has many different races and cultures and we are excepting of each and every on of them.
Canada's aging population is one example of demographic issue that we have. The largest generation is currently the baby boomers and they are rapidly reaching retirement age. 17.8 percent of the Canadian population will be over 65 by 2021. The number is supposed to jump 9.7 million, or 22.6 percent by 2041. Imagine what Canada would be like by 2050.
In 2050 i predict that Canada's immigration rate will decrease. The reason why i think this is because although canada is a great place to live, it would be hard for so many immigrants to find stable jobs without having to go to school and having a proper Education. Where are they going to come up with the money to go to school if they are unemployed? they obviously won't find a job as soon as they immigrate to Canada. Therefore, Canada in 2050's immigration rate will decrease.
First Nations people were known as "Indians" in the past. Over the years, people began to realize First Nation people are important to us and have made a difference in our lives.
In the future, Canada's first nations will move forward from the process of truth and reconciliation. Most of us Canadians hope that the development of Indigenous people in the future will empire youth and inspire confidence in their personal future.

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