Good Life Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History Elyssa Goldman

Nature on display

This exhibit showed what South Florida beaches looked like thousands of years ago, including a hut where inhabitants lived. The exhibit was a 360 degree display, which I enjoyed. Visitors are able to walk through the exhibit as if they're really there, and be fully emerged in it. Seeing it this way really helped me to better understand how people lived and adapted. This exhibit perfectly exemplifies nature on display.

Nature and Ethics

This exhibit displayed an early Florida inhabitant carrying a small shark back to his tribe to eat. For me this showed the tradeoff between human necessity and animal conservation. While animals should not be hunted for solely fun, humans still need food to survive, and sea life was a major factor for early inhabitants on the Florida coast. This exhibit was an opportunity for visitors to see history close-up in an almost 360 degree view, giving more insight into how early inhabitants lived.

Nature and the Human Spirit

These photos were taken in an exhibit that recreated an ocean scene, and blew it up so visitors could experience what it feels like to be a small fish. An average sized fish (shown in both pictures) was blown up to seem large and scary in order to see it from a different perspective. Other creatures blown out of proportion included a jellyfish, starfish, crab, and other average fish. This exhibit helped to see the ocean and its majesty from a different perspective, and was my favorite exhibit in the museum. The lighting and paintings on the wall also assisted in seeing the ocean from an inside perspective. This shows how museums can help us see the world from a different view to better understand the world we live in and every aspect of it.

All photos were taken by friends or myself if I am not in the picture.

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