Teens and Substance Abuse by: iliana trejo

Teens and substance abuse has been a problem for a long time. Teens use drugs because they are under peer pressure, stress, and are emotionally unstable. This is the main cause for teen drug abuse.

Why does drug abuse begin is teenage adolescence? Some teens use drugs because of stress. Thing that may cause stress are school work, family life, and friends. This may cause drug abuse.

Recently, teenagers are abusing drugs more often. Previously, the popular drug of choice was marijuana. As of lately, popular culture has been promoting harder substances such as, xanax, cocaine and promethazine. Drug abuse has been becoming harder and much more common.

One way you can help a teen with substance abuse is by conversing calmly with him/her. Another way a person can help is by getting them into a prevention program which can be done at home, school, community and other places.

In conclusion, teens and substance abuse is a growing problem that's getting worse.


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