Wind Song Choir April 9, 2017

Wind Song Choir Performs at Helberg Hall

A highlight of our choir year was our performance with the Northland Symphony Orchestra. Bell Prairie's Wind Song Choir was one of four elementary school choirs invited to join the NSO in this celebration concert at Helberg Hall. The concert was in commemoration of the NSO's 50th Anniversary. The choirs performed "Climb to the top of the Highest Mountain" by Carolyn Jennings and "A Living Song" by David Bruner.

Singing with a Symphony Orchestra is exciting and challenging. Here is a little bit of our rehearsal before the concert.

Part of our experience at the Kauffman Center included enteringthrough the performers security entrance and spending time back stage in this amazing facility.

We were very professional...most of the time.

Thank you to the Northland Symphony Orchestra, and their Conductor, Jim Murray for allowing us to be a part of their celebration.

Congratulations on fifty years of making beautiful music in Kansas City!

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