My Life Alba

My name is Alba Victoria Olimpia D’agosta. I am eleven years old, I'm born on the 18th August 2005. I was born I Merate, Italy. I am tall maybe about 153 cm. I have long brown hair to my shoulders, I wear black glasses, I have green and blue glasses for the month of June. I live in Lugano, Switzerland. My hobbies and interest are swimming, playing football with my brother and my sister. I love music, the swim pool, ice cream, the colour light blue and green. My favourite subjects are science and maths. When I am an adult, I would like to become a famous actor, a singer and or a famous swimmer. I want a dog but my mother is scared of dogs and so I can’t have one. The dog that I want is a pastore Tedesco.

This is me

We are a family of five persons. In my family there are my father Gabriele, my mother Elisabbetta, my brother Alessandro who is the oldest, my sister Anna who is the youngest and I. I am in the middle child. My fateher is tall and he has black hair black and he is very funny. My mother is short and she has brown hair and she is strict. I have two house one in Italy and the other one in Switzerland. I live in an apartament in Switzerland and in Italy I live in a big house. My best family time is spent at the seaside. During the holidays we visit New York and Washington. I love my family because they are the best and we love each other a lot. In Italy share bedrooms with my sister and in Switzerland I sleep alone.


My friends are Chiara Beldì, Viola Mangogna, Giulia Gatti, Matilde Casiraghi, Margherita Sassi, Sofia Mandelli, Giulia Gatti, Zoe Speziale, Vera Casiraghi, Sofia Riva, Patrizia Villa, Diana Gianquitto, Sara Quoghi, Gloria Manganini, Greta and Natalie. I meet Chiara Beldi, Viola Mangogna, Giulia Gatti, Matilde Casiraghi, Margherita Sassi, Sofia Mandelli at middle school and Zoe Speziale, Vera Casiraghi, Sofia Riva, Patrizia Villa at the swiming pool. Me and Chiara Beldi, Viola Mangogna Matilde Casiraghi, Margherita Sassi went on holiday in Rome for one week. We have fun and laught together. My friends are kind happy and cute. The most of my friends are part of my old classroom.

This is me and Chiara Beldì, Viola Mangogna and Giulia Gatti.

Giulia is the blonde, Chira is the tallest and Viola is the other one. In this photo we are at Villa Orsini in Italy.

My hobbies is swimming, playing the guitar ( but I don't know how to use it), and I love playing with the ball.

I think that I'm really lucky because, I found a lot of beautiful things like this:

This are a four-leaf and a eggs with a heart.

I love Ferrero-rocher, it is a tipe of chocolate.

This is a big Ferrero-rocher.


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