Geometry Project By:Akin,Russell,Kevin


(Translation) Definition:A translation is when you move a shape without rotating or flipping it, which means the image of whatever you used stays the same but is simply in a different spot or place. (The object is not altered in any other way. It is not rotated, reflected or re-sized.)

in this picture it shows the translation of a math textbook,it is not being rotated or flipped but simply moved.
In this photo the money is seen moving from the left to the right. In its original state which makes it a translation.


Rotation:A Rotation has a central point that stays the same while everything else moves.A circular movement. Rotation has a central point that stays fixed and everything else moves around that point in a circle.

Every object has a center point that is like an axis so when it does rotate that's it's center point.
The image shown above is a ferris wheel rotation the center point of the ferris wheel will stay the same way while everything around it (seats) keep moving and rotating


A transformation in which a geometric figure is reflected across a line, creating a mirror image. That line is called the axis of reflection.In geometry, a reflection is a type of rigid transformation in which the pre-image is flipped across a line of reflection to create the image. Each point of the image is the same distance from the line as the pre-image is, just on the opposite side of the line.

All these pictures show us 2 objects being flipped or reflected to show kind of the same thing but flipped


Created with images by fdecomite - "Intrication" • ulleo - "gear old mechanics" • ariesa66 - "slide rule count math" • katerha - "Ferris Wheel" • Transformer18 - "DSCF1398" • gregorklar - "reflection."

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