Shades Mountain Elementary is recognized as one of the oldest and most historic elementary schools in the Hoover City Schools system, originally established in 1961. Nestled within the trees at the top of Shades Mountain, the school is named for the neighborhood community it serves. It has the distinction of being the smallest Hoover school, currently serving over 310 students. Our school is known for its strong parent/community support and caring, creative faculty. The school's mascot is a lion; it is also the acronym (L.I.O.N.S. - Learning In Our Neighborhood School) used to describe the character of Shades Mountain. The established sense of neighborhood and family is what makes Shades Mountain special. It is a place where a child is considered not yours or mine but...ours.

WE are stronger together!

While the overall size of the facility is compact, the campus affords Shades Mountain students all the opportunities found within larger elementary structures and supports a variety of programming needs. Our school has undergone several renovation efforts as part of the Hoover City Schools system. The renovation plan has been accomplished in phases addressing safety and security needs as well as updating infra-structure (power and technology). Parents, businesses, community organizations, and governmental agencies have partnered with the school and district to enhance the school's campus. Our site boasts a nature trail that connects to a large sports field with walking track. A garden area with shade pavilion has also been provided. The area serves as an outdoor classroom for students, allowing connections to curriculum beyond classroom doors. It also offers opportunities to community members as well as our daycare program after the school day ends.In an era of schools trying to create a sense of "village" closeness, Shades Mountain's size and years within the community naturally provide this sense of a close-knit family. Students at Shades Mountain are offered the same programming and technological capabilities of newer schools without losing the personal charm of the neighborhood. This is a source of "lion's pride" to all stakeholder groups.

Our school was so pleased to convert a former science lab into the new "Innovation Lab." This S.T.E.A.M. (science, technology, engineering, art, math) approach provides a hands-on, collaborative work environment for students and educators, helping each person to innovate across various disciplines. The Innovation Lab would not have been possible without the tireless work of our parent volunteers, dedicated teaching staff and district resources. With each passing month, we continue to build out this special space which has become one of the "heartbeats" of Shades Mountain Elementary School!

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