Advocating for Sense Awareness Jamie Brewton

NAME: Jamie Brewton

GROUP: Antoine, Cayla, Sarah

DATE: JAN/30/17 - FEB/12/17

BADGE TITLE: WOK Badge: Sense Perception

MY TITLE: Advocating for Sense Awareness

EQ: What is the value in using our senses in unison?


In this journal I write casually, as if my computer was my best friend. I voice some silly concerns and share maybe a bit too many opinions, but this was the best way I thought I could document our progress.

Jan 30:

The topic is difficult to completely grasp however I had a pretty in depth prior knowledge to the topic going into it. There is a multitude of ideas surrounding this topic I have already. The information is quite meaty and thick. Some optical illusions take this a bit more literal than I expected.

It is interesting to see how much we use sense vocabulary in our every day speech, even when not describing senses. I feel a sense of security when talking about these senses because there is truly no false as it is ones perception. The textbook strives to make the topic objective which is helping me build perspective about sense perception however I feel to have a successful project I will need to step beyond the boundaries of the definition. We plan to have a sense deprived presentation, be it sight or hearing. I think it would be really fun to gather the class and whisper our presentation with full inflection and courage.

Feb 1:

I really wish I could do an ASMR and do all the ideas I wanted to do in my old group but nobody wants to do them. But they do agree that I should go ahead and make the video as a backup.

In reflection of the quiz: I have tried to argue against the objectiveness of my textbook but after close examination I understand why the book is written as it is. I do believe there is more argument to be had about this.

Were going to do this thing with egg yolks. They just now decided they want to switch to doing cookie dough. I want to trick the audience into thinking they have consumed egg yolk but my group members say that that isn't prevalent to our essential question. Contrary to that thought I believe that that is exactly what our essential question needs. But I’m only a part of the whole here. And the whole thinks otherwise. But thats ok. They’re going to make a non-dairy cookie dough so that it can be consumed by all the class members whom can participate in the stages of our project. Our big reveal would be.. cookie dough… I hope that there is a way I can contribute to this project to make it more creative and more insightful than rather seeing how ones senses interpret something at face value. I would like to have the audience experience some form os synesthesia, this would have been easily achievable in an ASMR video. Clearly right now we are confused about the direction we are going in.

Feb 3: What we are accomplishing today?

We found a solution to the boring aspect of the experiment! We are going to film a video instead. Our class will know what the mysterious object is but the subjects won't.

Plan for today: First a script. Then linking the script to the work. Then just rehearsing and taking out all the kinks of the problem. I want to find a way to make taste a part of the presentation (some team members still want to do egg yolk) however that will be saved for later as the brainstorming section was done last class. We should keep solid attention to the requirements of the badge and hopefully offer beyond expectations.

Today I read a prescribed title, the passage from Moby dick. 'Chapter lxxiv: THE SPERM WHALE'S HEAD - CONTRASTED VIEW' because Mr. Morrison brought up the idea of having eyes on either side of ones head and how one would perceive these images. I then began to wonder what viewing the world would be like through all different angles. And how simple changes like shift in viewing angle can completely impact overall perspective .

How does the structure and arrangement of human sense organs determine what we know as reality? I think the reflection I did on this already answered the question. It all started when I jokingly asked the question, "What if we had eyes on our knees?" Although silly, the question itself insights a lot about perspective. Theres lots of things certain animals experience that I will never be able to understand.

End of class - What did I learn today?: Well we did a rough run through of our experiment using keys instead, and the results were quite lackluster. If our experiment proves to be void then we do have a back up plan for the project. My group members will meet outside of class and ensure we have all the necessary tools to accomplish this project. This is a concern. but it should be ok.

Feb 7:

Todays presentation is going to be awesome! I worked really hard to edit a cohesive video, and we will be adding commentary to different parts of the video in live presentation, I just hope that Antoine, Sarah, and Cayla will not be shy to talk about things they noticed through our video. I feel like this lack of confidence is what lead to our slow-ish start. A goal of mine for this presentation is to talk more concisely and make a consistent presentation. I do not want to jumble a bunch of thoughts together. A goal of mine beyond this presentation is to avoid unnecessary conversation, this week hasn't necessarily been the most possessive for me, I think if I actively try to omit the negative thoughts or gossip my over all perception of everything will be better (idk I just enjoy being happy).

This is an experiment with a set hypothesis and conclusion. I don’t want this to be a competitive presentation I’m constantly torn between sticking to myself and only thinking about grades. I am thankful to learn the things I learn in Tok and am happy to receive feedback of my own interpretations, on the same token I do not agree with solving a problem with the goal of merely getting it done. (What this was was me being frustrated at the fact that I didn't persuade my group to push the boundaries enough)

reflection - Todays presentation was totally awesome. I began to think even more about sense perception and the speed of our senses. We went a little over the time limit in order to show our entire video and wrap it up, but the video gladly made everyone in the classroom laugh because it was relatable. It is clear that confidence wavers due to the lack of senses. The subjects initial reactions were quite dramatic however those were real reactions, the people were truly disturbed by the fact that they did not know what the object was. The audience of the video has the extra perspective of knowing what that object is. Which adds a comedic effect. Overall I am proud.

Here is the final video which was presented. Filmed and edited by me.

Here is some of the planning we used for our group project, our shared google doc:

-Explaining ASMR more- Extention

How do our senses work together? (Sight and a physical output)

The Sense Perception chapter left us with an infinite amount of ideas. It was up to us to find the best and most feasible ones. Just incase our original plan went awry, I made an ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) video, a type of video which appeals to senses through distinct satisfying sounds and visuals. The videos have abstract sounds with the intent of pleasuring the audience through sounds which may invoke prior knowledge. For example scratching an ear on camera with the intent of the viewer enjoying the feeling of having their own ear scratched.

Although not encompassing all of our senses, ASMR is relevant due to its recent viral popularity, ASMR has received more search popularity than past Super Bowl commercials. One of our ideas was to explore ASMR and the feedback received from our classmates. And apply it to potential success as a psychological marketing tool.

Here is a professional ASMR video producer's product :

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