Self-Care Sundays for wellness

What are self-care Sundays?

Time for you. After all, time is the only real currency we have. We are priceless, and worth every moment we give to yourselves. So come and create space. Create space for what fills your cup. Learn new ways to nourish yourself emotionally, physically, nutritionally, and spiritually. Together we show up, and decide what to spend our "time currency" on.

Selfcare-Sundays will be a safe space for everyone who attends. A judgment-free zone. Sessions will include things like Yoga, Meditation, Essential oils, Nature Walks/Hikes, Vision boarding, Healthy Eating education, Books, Journaling, music, discussions and more. Each Session is different (and customizable). We will also cover specific topics including common, specific emotional or life challenges, personal growth, and balance.

When you own your breath, no one can steal your peace.

Who Am I?

I am April Bautista. Leader of Self-Care Sundays. I am a Certified Yoga Guide, Yoga Teacher with Vakra Yoga and Wellness, Essential Oil educator and Photographer. I decided to create Self-Care Sundays after stepping back and observing just how much of my time-currency I was using on everything but myself. Not just myself, but listening to others in my community and how it seemed I wasn't alone in this phenomenon. We seem to be giving many things first priority in our lives, except for ourselves. On one hand it shows me how self-less human beings really can be. On the other hand it showed me how much of a need self-care is. Mental and emotional health matter!


Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Wellness is a choice we make. And, we don't have time to push it aside. Self-Care Sundays are created for us to choose ourselves. To decide we are worth caring for. Self-Care Sundays are created for you.

The one who acquires good sense loves himself; one who safeguards understanding finds success. Proverbs 19:8

Where? Currently, Self-Care Sundays will be held at: Vakra Yoga and Wellness: 1001 Park Ln, Suisun, CA. The 3rd Sunday of each month. Dates for the first 6 months are: 2/18, 3/18, 4/15, 5/20, 6/17 and 7/15. 1:00pm - 3:00pm. Cost: $25

Self-Care Sundays can also be purchased On-Demand for groups, get-togethers, parties, corporate wellness etc., in the Bay Area. Please click my name to email me directly: April Bautista for more information I will promptly respond.


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