Coach V's Cottage of dreams By Chirag

First I decided on a house with dimensions that would be a nice size and comfortable to live in, so I decided of making the house 8m by 12m. After deciding on the dimensions of the house I put in the essentials (parent's bedroom, kid's bedroom, kitchen, living room and bathroom) but I noticed there were a lot of empty space left so I put in a storage room with a small study. Which finished off my bird's eye view of the cottage.

Bird's eye view

After making the bird's eye view I thought about the front view and I thought of putting in a wide window with a decent sized door. At this time I decided on the height of the house which was easy to decide since I compared the height to my house and then I chose to make the height of my house 3.5m.

Front View

The side views were easy to decide on since I just put in one window of the same size for each room except the master bedroom since I put in a bugger window because it was a bigger room. For the kitchen I put in three windows and I put in a small window for the bathroom.

Side view

After that I made my 3D prototype on tinker cad and for the dimensions I multiplied them by ten to make the tinker cad a decent size.

Top view
Right side view
Left side view
Back view
Top View

The next thing I did was I did my cost calculations and I started wit the paint calculations.

Paint calculations

Then I did the heating and the shingles calculations.

Lastly I added all the costs up and got a final cost

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