Seneca Falls By The Distillers

Sing Sing Death House

2002 | Punk

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“Oh, Susan B. Anthony, forever haunting me. -- Owned, raped, sold and thrown, a woman was never her own."


  • The album hit #29 on the Billboard Top Independent Albums Chart.
  • The Distillers formed in Los Angeles, California in 1998 around vocalist and guitarist Brody Dalle.
  • Seneca Falls was featured in the game Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.


Luke Tatum

Suffrage! Like Sherry, I only know a bit about this issue. Here's what I do know: the "right" to vote should not be casually equivocated with freedom. And yet, this is done by people every day. "Democracy," "voting," "representative government," "transparency," and even "accountability." These are all terms that are intentionally thrown around to obfuscate and confuse. I can certainly understand the impulse towards fighting for the right to vote. It gives you "a voice" in "the process," after all. I just think people have another thing coming if they actually take the time to learn what happens in "the process."

Sherry Voluntary

OK, I'm not gonna get too deep into this one. I will be honest and say, I only know the basics of who Elizabeth Cady Stanton is and the Seneca Convention launching the women's suffrage movement which also tied into the abolitionist movement. While I appreciate those women and men who fought for more social and legal equality for women and minorities, as an anarchist, you won't find me jumping up and down over the solution. Fighting for the right to have the right to force others to do things they may not want to, is a bit of a victory in the wrong direction. I don't mean to sound critical, I think they were doing the best they knew how, I just find the solution of fixing the problems of government with more government the worst possible outcome. I want all people to be free from government, owing no allegiance to anyone unless they choose too.

Nicky P

It seems odd that enfranchisement is such a lusted after commodity while my friends and I are over hear advocating for universal disenfranchisement. I understand the reason for women wanting the right to vote and from a pragmatic standpoint I get it. Our ancestors couldn't conceive of a world without tyranny so they opted into a world with maximum tyranny. Instead of moving in the appropriate direction where each mans life could be his own, they chose to give every man rule over every other man's life. We have drilled into our heads from birth here in the USA how important democracy i and maybe throughout the course of history it can be seen as a stop-gap or half measure onto the truly righteous solution which is no mans vote counting. Freedom and equality for me will always mean your life is exclusively your own.

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Nicky P