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GoNoodle is a website filled with safe exercise videos to use in the classroom. There is a wide variety of videos that range in length to fit any situation. They can be used for brain breaks, PE, indoor recess or even dance parties. Your class gets to choose their own exercise monster. Students earn points after each video they watch for their monster. Ever 10 points your monster grows! Students love earning points and watching their monster grow.

Here is a preview of one of the videos you can find on GoNoodle.

This online behavior system allows you to do multiple things with your class. You can reward positive points to students for positive behaviors and keep track of behaviors that students need to work on. There is an attendance section, student portfolio section and a built in timer. The website creates reports for you based on data you collect with the positive and needs work categories. Parents can also connect to Class Dojo to see their child's behavior.

Class Dojo Home screen
These feedback tools are editable to meet individual class needs.

Remind is a tools that allows teachers to communicate with parents, and students in a safe organized way. Email addresses and phone numbers of parents and students are added to a class, which is created by the teacher. Communication then takes place both ways, teacher to student/parent, or parent/student to teacher. Communication can be done through the remind app. Parents can also receive them by email or text message. Remind also has the option to translate message into another language. This is great for parents who speak a different language.

Google users have this free note keeper to utilize called Google Keep. This can be found online, and in the app store so it can be virtually anywhere on any device. It allows you to create notes, and to-do lists with pictures, drawings and audio. Notes can have specific days and times set for the reminders. Notes can be moved, titled, and color coded to fit specific needs and priorities.

Here is an example of what Google Keep has to offer.


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