Architecture Geometry and Symmetry

What is architecture?

A few famous buildings from around the world.

Today’s Learning Targets

1) Use geometric shapes to build an architectural design.

2) use symmetry to balance your architectural design.

Geometric Shapes



Geometric shapes

Organic shapes

(Not geometric)

Symmetrical balance


(Not Symmetrical)

Making it Happen

Harmonious Color Schemes

1) Understand the basics of using a color wheel.

2) Use analogous colors to create a unified work of art.

Finish the Painting

Created By
Noel Newquist


Created with images by Giovanni_cg - "architecture house 3d" • Louis Velazquez - "untitled image" • Dasagani - "taj mahal india architecture" • Caleb Stokes - "untitled image" • 3dman_eu - "france eiffel tower le tour eiffel" • Dayne Topkin - "untitled image" • Hans - "snowdrop blossom bloom" • Tama66 - "dom church cathedral" • AidaKhubaeva - "wall old stone"

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