Tour of the Museum of Natural History Ashley norris

Nature on Display: I truly felt immersed in nature due to the tangible elements throughout the museum. I especially liked the frog exhibit because there were live frogs within the displays and I was able to really visualize the life of these animals. I'm a very hands-on type person and appreciated the interactive and unique exhibits. The fact the the exhibit was full of life is what caught my attention and I was able to learn a lot about the different frogs present throughout the world. For example, the frog pictured above is found in parts of sub-Saharan Africa and each female frog lays up to 4,000 eggs.
Nature and Ethics: This museum did help me experience Leopold's ideas, for it allowed me to gain a newfound appreciation for the complexity of nature. As I went throughout the museum, I tried to envision the lives of the animals or people of the time period. For, example I enjoyed the dinosaur exhibit and it made me think back to what life must have been like when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Other displays expressed the culture of the people and the role that nature played in their lives. I think that the other people present in the museum also gained an appreciation of the arts and of nature, and I do believe we have a moral obligation to love and respect the earth, rather than destroy it.
Nature and the Human Spirit: My favorite part of the Museum of Natural History was by far the butterfly exhibit. I really felt like I could escape the stresses of everyday life to appreciate the beauty that nature has to offer. I felt in awe of just how beautiful these insects are and it made me value the complexity of the natural world. I will now make a more conscious effort to immerse myself in nature.

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