The UP-date-d Life Of Seth & Jane

I have so much to be grateful for! I want to update everyone on a romantic journey that has been 3 years in the making. Jane and I have officialy become boyfriend and girlfriend. For those of you that know my story, it has been an incredible journey. Personal decisions have been made along the way, some have been blessings, some have not been so wise, but one thing that I have learned -- The Lord is faithful!

The last time we saw eachother was exactly 3 years to the date. It's interesting how the Bible has a thing about numbers (3 and 7 represents completion). Simply amazed!

What more can I say, my little China girl loves Mexican food too!
What better way to start a cross cultural relationship between a Mexican American man and a Chinese woman, than to eat Mexican food together in Shanghai, China!
Breakfast burritos and Enchiladas, could I ask for more a blessing. The girl of my dreams, Mexican food, in China!!! Hahaha
Our first road trip to WuXi to ride bikes under the Cherry Blossom Trees.
Date #3: Walking under the Cherry Blossom Trees
About 17 cents to rent this bike, and we still know how to save money!!! Lol.
Me: "Jane, I really don't think this is going to work"... Jane: "Yes, I think we can, lets try"..... Me: "Okayyyyy"
When I broke up with Jane 3 years ago, its because I felt in my heart that I needed to heed the voice of the Lord in my heart, she was an atheist at the time. I never thought the Lord would give it back to me, and 10 X Better than it was before! She now loves the Lord and we love to worship together, side by side!
Enjoying the presence of the Lord together at Thanksgiving Fellowship in Shanghai
This gift comes with another Gift. Her name is WeiLai, which means "Future". She's not only a replica of her mom in beauty, but also in Sass. This little girl has me wrapped around her fingers already! Please keep her in your prayers, as her father will not allow her to attend Church with us. If we can't bring her to Church, well, then we will bring the Church to her! Hahaha 🤗
Jane's daughter: The perfect combination of a sweet girl and an adventurous explorer! Lord, bless her future husband, and create in him a spirit that can lead this unique personality.
Cupid has shot his arrow. I have no defense armor thick enough for this pierce.
Ooops, can't forget about the little queen of the house, Chocolate. Or as we call her... Chawk!
This is where all the cool kids hang out!
Who let the dogs out? Who, who, who.

Much in my life to be thankful about, for starters, the Lord is faithful to restore His gifts in our lives.

Our video of our first week together!

Thank you for prayers! Here's a small clip of just a few of my latest adventures around China

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