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Count Hackula

A vampire that latches onto your children's throats and grows more powerful with each throaty, phlegm-filled cough.

“I make them wheeze, I make them cough, I make them cough their sick heads off."

The Mangler

A tentacle creature that attacks children's limbs, stretching and straining them in its terrible hands.

“I tug and twist their little arms, until their muscles sound alarms.”

Red Throat

A pesky demon that crawls into the mouth and throat of unsuspecting kids with colds and scratches them up.

“When the throat hurts, I make it worse, than I feed upon their curse.”


A slime monster that steals children's dreams and reduces them to mindless puppets, going through the day with no energy or enthusiasm.

“I take their dreams all through the night, leave them lifeless in the morning light.”

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