How Can Video Games and Social Media Affect You The effects of video games and social media on teens/kids.

Picture this, you just got a brand new XBOX and you're excited to start playing and that's fine. Now you're playing 2 hours a day and that's not the worst it can be. All of a sudden you are playing 4 hours every day and that’s very unhealthy. You should know the effects before overdoing video games and social media.

One of many video game consoles.

Negative effects of video games

Although video game are very fun they have many negative effects on teens. Video games can increase aggression and make someone more violent. This is not a instant effect but it does happen overtime, also this does not mean that people are going to just start hurting people for no reason it just increases a little. They can make you addicted to video games. This only happens to around 8% of people but it still can make you addicted. So if you always want to play video games you may be addicted. Video games can also cause you to be less focused because you might be in a classroom in school and you start thinking about beating that level or building your self a dream home in a video game. Alternatively you could be taking good notes from what you're learning or study for a test. Video games might not be the best but there are still positives.

Positive effects of video game

Video games have many positives as well as the negatives. Video games can improve people's teamwork skills if it’s a co-op video game. Teamwork is a very good skill to have like in school if you making a project with someone good teamwork will help you a lot. Video games can also increase your hand eye coordination because you need to press the right buttons with your hand and look at the screen at the same time. You may ask why hand eye coordination matters well it does because typing a everyday thing for some people who have jobs where most of what they do is type. Typing uses a lot of hand eye coordination. Video games can improve your learning ability because a lot of video games require you to make a lot of decisions or cause you to have to problem solve. They can make you think and solve puzzles. They can let the user be creative and much more. Video games can have many positive effects on you, like hand eye coordination and problem solving skills.

Negative effects of social media

A lot of people now use social media many which are kids but they probably don't consider the negative effects of social media. Less face to face talking and you can be bullied via social media. This may not be a health problem and may only occur to certain people but it still is a problem. Face to face talking is different because you can understand someone better in person rather than online which may cause you to get into a fight or a argument. Bullying is always an issue this does not happen very often but cyber bullying can lead someone to be depressed. Social media can increase your anxiety and give you depression. Increased anxiety is not good and depression can lead unfortunately to suicide. Social media can reduce your overall satisfaction with life by 14%. This effect can be a cause of all the other effects.

One of many social media people use everyday.

Positive Effects of Social Media

Social media has many negative effects but there still are positives. Social media can increase your self esteem and can improve your small talk. These effects can improve your social skills by a lot so making friends is probably not a problem. Social media gives people another way to connect with people and form relationships. Social media lets you communicate with other people around the world. Social media can keep you informed with what's happening in the world

Marvelous Moderation

You just learned the positives and negatives of social media and video games. You might be thinking I should stop playing video games or I should stop using social media. My advice is you don’t have to stop but you should do them in moderation set a timer on your phone so you don’t play too much or just take a break from them every once in awhile. So next time you have the choice of playing your Xbox or going outside to the park you know which choice is the better one.

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