Mars Rover Challenge


Using an Operator Controlled Robot,students must maneuver a bot to collect a water bottle , place it into a container and return the bottle and container to Base Camp.


Our Rubric


  • Challenge must be completed in under 2 minutes
  • Robot can not go out of the competition field
  • No pieces can fall out of the robot on the test

Think 2/13/17

Walker and I plan to modify our clawbot by adding an extra wheel to the bottom so it can have traction over the bump.We also plan to come up with more possible modifications if the extra wheel does not work as well as we expected.


Today we tried to add the extra wheel on the front but could not do it because a gear could not fit.So tomorrow we are going to keep trying to put the wheel in.

2/14/17 Think

Today we plan to put the wheel on the front,because we did not do it yesterday.After that we also plan on Testing it to see if it can go up the ramp and carry the water bottle.


Today we have found another wheel to add to our robot.We have also attached both wheels to the front so tommorow we are going to test it and see if the wheels help it climb the ramp.

2/15/17 Think

Yesterday we added a new wheel to our robot.Today we plan to test that modification, because we did not get to it yesterday.We also may add some more modifications if our test does not work.


Today we tested our robot to see if it could climb the ramp,it did but barely.Our main problem is the front stabilization piece that keeps falling off once in a while.We plan to fix this tommorow.

2/16/17 Think

Today me and walker are going to test our robot a lot more frequently and also improve the tires at the front and the thing connecting them together.We are also planning to possibly do new modifications.Hopefully we can get over the ramp without the front stability falling off.


Our robot could make it up the ramp but not as fast so me and walker plan on making modifications to the weight tomorrow

2/17/17 Think

Today we plan on adding more weight to the back of the rover to stabilize it.We also plan to test further after the modifications.


Walker decided to scrap our idea and take apart our robot and all our progress.But that ended up being a bad decision because now we won't have enough time to fix it till test day.

2/21/17 Think

Today is another work day we still have not fixed it completely yet.Walker and I are going to try to fix it today but I dont think we will have time to fix it today.


We have tried to fix it but we just added these really bad wobbly supports and it barely holds up.So me and Walker will work on it tommorow.

2/22/17 Think

Today we plan on improving the supports in the back connecting the wheels and making sure they don't wobble.Hopefully we will be able to fix this today without having to use time tommorow.


We added some weight in the back so the robot wouldn't lean forward after we grabbed the water bottle.Tommorow we will maybe add some more modifications.

2/23/17 Think

Today we plan on adding more weight further back on the robot because we did it in the middle yesterday and it changed nothing.So we will do that then test it afterwards.


We added more weight to the back and successfully lifted the bottle.But we will need more weight so we can carry the bottle and the container.

2/24/17 Think

We are adding a little bit more weight to the back of the robot so it can carry the container and the bottle.After we will do our daily test and modification check.


Walker and I tested and calculated our results to a 90% grade,if we don't do a better test I can turn in the video of that and get that grade.But we will try to improve it on Monday.

2/27/17 Think

Today we will be a testing day for us.We plan on testing the whole day to improve our 90% grade to a 100% grade.We will also do some modifications if needed.


We have got a 100% for our grade and got our robot to do all of the required functions.All we have to do now is to add all of the vidoes to our page and add the conclusion.


We have completed the challenge of bringing a water bottle in a container and carrying it over a ramp in 1:47 under the limit of 2:00.Our end grade for our results was a 100% grade


We have completed the challenge 2 days early on 2/27/17.The modifications on our robot were mostly the two extra wheels in the back and the weight.We have made a total of 7 tests to complete our challenge,and each one the robot didn't have enough weight or it just had a structural error.Later we figured out that the main problem was that the back wheel on the left side kept falling of and going outwards while dragging on the floor making it stop.We eventually fixed the problem by adding weight to the back and adding more stoppers to the wheels so it would not fall of.And by fixing that problem we were able to succeed in our challenge and finish it with a couple seconds to spare.

Our Final test

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