All About the Rainforest By:Brynn bollinger

Isent the rainforest amazing? Birds are singing flowers are blooming. On days like this animals are growing and playing in the nice wether. In their worm and humid echosistome. Called the tropicle or tempret rainforest.The rainforest is a worm cool but most definitely rainy echosistome where tons of wiled life lives.

First of all rainforests are located neer worm and humid places by the equator. They get about 200 inches of rain each year! And did you know tropicle rainforests are worm and humid but temperate rainforests are ushily cool and breezy? But ther bothe certenly really rainy!

There's meanny meanny kinds of plants to like bromeliads,coco beans,shuger cane,black peppers and mutch more. Plants have certenln adeptashions to help them servive. For example some plants like the veins fly trap discize to look like a flower so flys will land on it than SNAP! They eat the fly just like that. And other plants sometimes grow in trees beacause the soile on the ground is rough and hard for plants to grow ther. Thea's plants need ther adeptashions to help them servive in ther echosistome.

Also rainforest animals are a really important part of ther echosistome.So they need certen adeptashions to help them servive. To eat or even edvoid being eaten. There's the harsh strong predictors and small weak prey. But they both have those adeptashions by ther side to eat or to escape. For example Cobras or snakes have sharp fangs that spread poison or vedum in its preys body. Next Cobras have huge Jause to fit around pray bigger than themselves. But snakes prey like the flying dragon is like a normal lizard but when it sees a preditor like snakes it will extend extra flaps of skin to glide to a difrent tree. Now the flying dragon is safe. Other animals also have Thea's feachers called adeptashions to keep them safe from each preditor or to eat ther pray.

Is,ent the rainforest so amazing! With the plants and animals using ther adeptashions to servive in this worm cool but certenly rainy echosistome. That's located neer the worm and humid parts of the eqator. And trust me when I say this if plants and animals didn't have ther really sposific adeptashions they woldent servive long at all. I hope you like the rain forest as much as I do or even more. But all in all the rainforest is a beautiful and amazing echosistome that I think shoos stay around forever.


Echosistome-place animal lives like forests,deserts and more:Adeptashions-feachers to help eny liveing thing servive:Soil-dirt:Servive-stay alive:Preditor-animal that eats prey:Prey-animal that gets eaten by preditors

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