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Many people have been faced with unfair court situations. One of them was the trial of Emmet Till. He went into a store and when he left whistled at a women working in the store. He said to her "Bye baby". The husband and brother in-law of this woman went to tills uncles house , which he was staying at for vacation. They took him away and torched him and then finished him off with a gun shot. His killers were proven innocent at their trial. After, they admitted to doing the killing. His mother had an open casket at his funeral, so people could see what they did to her boy. Till was 14.

This is a picture of Till before his deathbecuase.
This is Till after his death.


Blacks and whites were in a time of economic hardship. Jobs were limited, banks lost tons of money, the wealthy became poor, and the poor became poorer. Blacks and whites were on the same boat, but any opportunities that opened up were given to whites, while blacks were discriminated against; they were payed less and treated unfairly during work. Whites were given more even including food. This time is called the Great Depression-one of the lowest times for America.

Children asking for jobs for their parents.

A man lost everything due to the depression.

Two men who are seeking work.

Social and Cultural

In the Jim Crow south, blacks were made fun of. Song of the south was an example of racism in the south. This was a Disney film, also. Many whites made plays about blacks. They make masks and act like fools, basically trying to say that blacks are dumb. This was called putting on "Black Face".

This is a racist film song of the south.
This is someone putting on black face.
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