Naruto by Cody williams

Ninjas that live in a hidden village behind leaves and trees. they train to become the best ninja in the land.
the ninja named naruto has returned from training and has heard news about a friend being taken from his village.
The leader of the dessert village ha been taken by traitors of their own village, and naruto is furious.
The Traitor from the village is a puppet master and fights using human sized puppets as weapons equipped with poison
The puppet is carrying the leader of the village as they try and escape but he has to let him out to fight with naruto once he arrives.
the two ninjas fight the battle out for almost a complete day and fight until the death.
After the fight naruto had rescued his friend and the traitor is now dead.
Naruto returns to his home village and celebrates by eating ramen with his friends from his own village.
After they eat the heard more news that another traitor from the same village that makes birds out of clay has flown over the city and bombed them.
As naruto is furious he heads out to hunt the Traitor and thats where the story ends.

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