Contemplating the Future with Peace of Mind.

Thanks to all the manufacturers for their support during these difficult times. For now, let’s enjoy music, design new exciting products and prepare for a show at a later date with peace of mind!

Below is how the show is planned for the future date to be announced when all settles down.

Bring Studio Magic to Your Home – Introducing PMC Ci

The new Custom Install (ci) series from PMC brings all the magic of the movies to the home. Since 1991, when the company was founded, we have been the speaker brand used to create the biggest Hollywood movie soundtracks, from Titanic to Skyfall and Iron Man to Spiderman, and have been awarded an Emmy® for our contribution to recording excellence.

To recreate the awe-inspiring realism and stunning dynamics of a blockbuster movie in the home, there is no better choice of loudspeaker than those used to make the movies themselves.

Special guests from PMC: Keith Tonge and Dave Frost

Power Amplification: Plinius/Hegel Network Streamer: Lumin Digital to Analogue Converter: iFi Wired by XLO Room treatment: Stillpoints & BuzziSpace

Music Hall's Roy and Leland will both be joining us

Jerry from iSonic will introduce Canadians to the UltraSonic Record Cleaning Machine with a demo.

Once again, the personal audio All-Star team of HIFIMAN, iFi, Auris, and Dekoni, joined by HEDD from Germany, will demonstrate the latest and greatest of their gear.

At the 2017 Montreal Audiofest, Triangle and Auris created a kind of magic with Delta and Forte150. This time around, we are making another kind of magic with Cello and Fortissimo, and music source from Music Hall and Lumin.

In our second system, you will see Triangle’s popular Borea and NAD, the latest M32 combination on our ATACAMA stands and shelves.

AudioFilles sponsored by Auris

Live Studio Lounge sponsored by PMC/HEDD

You will see our photographer Lisa

and Motet’s new Product Specialist – Dany Poulin

Dany is well-known in the Quebec audio market, where he has worked for nearly 25 years. He trained as an electronics technician before landing his first job at Rotac in Quebec city. A few years later he joined the Filtronique team as an audio expert. In 2011, his experience, knowledge and talent led him to Sumiko as sales director for Canada. In 2013 Dany came back to Filtronique with a mission of giving a breath of fresh air to the company. He then created Bleu Stéréo consulting for several renowned audio brands and retailers.

Dany excels at fine-tuning sound systems. Like a good chef, he artfully assembles well-balanced systems. Always attentive, he puts together audio gear that exactly suits clients’ tastes. With this wealth of experience, Dany will put his talent to the service of Motet retailers.