Ty Cobb Highest Lifetime Batting Average Of All Time (.367)

Ty Cobb grew up working on a farm. He leaned his 22 rifle against a tree, it fell, went off, and shot him in the shoulder and the doctor never found the bullet. It is amazing that this accident didn't impact his baseball career.

He was very competitive and would stop at nothing to win a baseball game.

Some say that Ty's fiercely competitive personality was related to his desire to please his father who was fatally shot by his mother just weeks before Ty Cobb joined the Tigers.

Ty Cobb sadly died, July 17, 1961,in Atlanta, Georgia. He was 75 years old.

In 1904 Ty played in the minor leagues, and was signed by the Detroit Tigers in 1905.

Ty's career batting average was .367 with 4191 hits; 723 doubles, 297 triples, 117 home runs and 1938 runs in battle.

Ty Cobb has the highest lifetime batting average (.367) of all time.

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