How to Use Dashes

Do you know how to use a dash when you are writing? Dash is a little line that is written in the middle of the line. It is longer than a hyphen. More people than you think will get those two mixed up, I can see why because they do look alike but dashes are longer. they are used to pause in writing, That's why people think they are like commas but they are actually really different. let me tell you more about that.

Dashes are used to make a sentences join together, they don't have to be talking the same thing, a comma is used to make another sentence join together but talking about the same thing. think of dashes as the opposite of parentheses. here let me give an example.

  • You are my the friend, the only friend, who offered to help me. You are the friend-the only friend-who offered to help me.
  • I pay the bill; she has all the fun. I pay the bills-she has all the fun.

You can use dashes when you are talking-when you are writing. Many people use them more in speeches than just everyday talking or writing. Dashes are more upper level than commas, but commas are a big part of writing, but I'm here to tell you about dashes. The person beside me will be telling you everything you need to know about commas.

when talking about dashes is that they are almost never required by the laws of grammar and punctuation. Overusing dashes can break up the flow of your writing, making it choppy or even difficult to follow, so don’t overdo it. Don't over do it with the dashes now that you know how to use them.

now lets see how well you actually read this.

  1. is this correct or incorrect? I wish you would—oh, never mind.
  2. put the dash in the right place. The man from Ames, Iowa, arrived.
  3. is this correct or incorrect? Joe — and his trusty mutt — was always welcome.
  4. correct or incorrect? The Ames Sentinel, dated May 1, 2013, arrived in June.
  5. correct or incorrect? My boyfriend had everything,sleeping gear, cooking supplies and outdoor games, packed for the camping trip


  1. it is right
  2. The man-he was from Ames, lowa-arrived
  3. it is right
  4. it is wrong. it is the ames sentinel-date may 1, 2013-arrived in june.
  5. wrong. it is my boyfriend had everything-sleeping gear, cooking supplies and outdoor games-packed for the camping trip


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