What is the good Life The Harn Museum

Asian Rock Garden was the most interesting area that stood out to me. I loved how the rocks are raked into an never ending pattern, which creates a peaceful and relaxing setting. In addition I like the location of this exhibit. When I entered the Garden, a nice cool breeze hit me, making me want to sit on the benches and enjoy the view. When I was out here, I was transformed into a set of relaxation.
Manhattan by George Grosz German, is an oil on board painting. This painting stood out to me because of its technique. The painter uses smoke to show the busyness of Manhattan after World War 2. In addition the skyline appears to be endless, which suggest that the busyness is being carried throughout America. German makes the Chrysler Building and the Empire State Building the tallest buildings in the painting. This is to show the America's leadership in world affairs.
This photo, Subduing the Korengal Valley by Lynsey Addario, shows the good life. This painting shows when you see someone suffering you should go help them, so they do not have to suffer alone. Two soldiers are assisting Specialist Carl Vandenberge who was shot. With the two soldiers helping Specialist, they are helping him walk, which is relieving some of the pain he has. In everyday life when you see someone suffering or injured you should go help them to making them feel better because on should have to suffer.
Untitled # 11 (Wall Street) by Catherine Opie contains one of my values: everything has two sides to it. From far this picture looks like an ordinary Wall Street picture. However, once I got up close to it I saw that the picture has two sides to it. On the left side of the center building, that street looks very clean and upscale. The cars on the left side are nice looking and the buildings look modern. On the other side of the center building, that street looks run down and appears that low level income people live on that side. The cars on the street are beat up and the buildings on the right look out of date and run-down. This picture as a whole could show the separation that occurs in our nation.

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