Double F worlds? Who are we?

Double F worlds ? Double ? Worlds ? And what in the world is F!!!!!!!

I bet this is what you're thinking now dear reader , I thought the same twe event though I created the site myself , hilarious eh?

Double F worlds is The name We chose for our beloved website, Double F actually refers to us ! Fatima K. And Fatima A. We are Emirati teenage girls with big aims.

In Double F worlds we share our passions with the globe . We share our love to Fashion , interior design, Photography and FOOD!! All are taking major in our lives therefore we devoted a full website for it's sake.

Double F worlds promise you to give you the best experience in surfing the web for Unique lifestyle topics related to two real teenagers whom are freshly graduated from high school and breaking in the adulthood world . Join us in our journey and share us the memories and passions!!!

Love , Double F.

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