Froylan Blizzards

A Blizzard is snow and wind that are very low visibilities.The snow is very hard with the wind

.30 snowstorm between 1950 and 2000

A Blizzard are very dangerous and when there's a lot of snow you should stay in your house because you can get frost bites

Sleet is when rain that falls on to the surface with a temperature below freezing.Below freezing temperature are expected and may cause significant damage to piants crops,fruit trees.When there is strong winds that means a blizzards is t when you everything will be white fog.Frost bite is a damage to your body tissue by that tissue being frozen

When your ready for a blizzard these are the things you need to do

1.You need to stay in your house

2.You should stay in your house cause you can get frost bites when your outside


4.Two water bottle and more batteries for the flashlight

5.You can barely see anything

This a picture of a blizzard in action^^^^^^^

This is a blizzard aftermath^^^^^^^

The pink and purple are the most snowfall^^^^^^

These are all the names of blizzardsy^^^^^^^^


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