#OwnyourFUTURE by Malen Mohr

Who are you? will you want to represent?

I am Malen Mohr, obviously. I am an enthusiastic kid who enjoys welding, drawing, soccer, hanging out with my best friends who perform random skits and uploads them onto or YouTube channel called the "Hobo Commune" and the art for crafting watches. In my future, I hope to represent a big company who deals with underwater welding. It is my dream to become a professional under water welder and on the side become a skilled watchmaker.

What - is the college/service/work that you are interested in? Is the area of study/work you see yourself doing? Are some of the requirements to get into this college/service/work?

To begin my future I would have to attend Rogue Community College before I move onto my trade school up in Seattle, Washington. At RCC ill attended until I complete all basic welding certifications and at the same time get scuba certified, earn my open water certification. By the time all my certifications are completed I can apply to an underwater diving school and learn all the necessary requirements to become a professional under water welder. After schooling is complete, I can apply at a professional diving company and begin working professionally.

Where - is the college/service/work located? Will you live over the next four years?

Rogue Community college is located in Medford Oregon and Grants Pass Oregon. Diver’s institute of technology is located in Seattle, Washington. For the first two years ill live in at home but when the time comes to move up to Seattle, ill then get an apartment and live there until my schooling is completed. When I’m accepted into a professional company ill then move to wherever I am need and hopefully stay there.

When - do you need to finish applications/take certain tests/etc.? Do gather the necessary skills to matriculate/lead/work?

To attend RCC all I need to do is graduate high school and have the funds to pay for the schooling. Getting my open water and scuba certifications all I need to do is attend the classes and pay for them. To be accepted into DIT I must be of 18 years or older and have a high school diploma and the money to pay for the schooling.

Why - does this college/service/work interest you? did you make this choice

The reason why welding interests me is because you get to weld metal together for a living. You are pretty much playing with fire and becoming an underwater welder you are playing with fire underwater! I have always liked swimming and having a career that allows you to travel the world and work in different oceans and bodies around the world would be something cool to have as a career.

How - does one get into this school/service/work (process)?

By attending trade schools that build up into my final career choice of being an underwater welder.


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