science experiment report JonATHAN Duan, UHS REPORTER

Markham, Unionville there were two students research a new cell. What is that amazing new cell? there was a picture show you about the cell, and the color of the cell is green, yellow and red. it looked very cool.

The two girls' name is Anna and Angela, they are grade 10 students. In the class, they suddenly find a new cell in the plant, it look very cool, then they are told the teacher. they decided to called this cell named ( John ).

This picture is about the new cell" John"

Where is the cell come from? the cell is come from a plant. but that plant is very rare, and that plant will grow in the top oh the mountain. Under this text, we will show you what look like about the plant. It look like a tell tree, and the plant color is: bottom is red and the top is green, and there were some softy leaves beside the tree, It look very strange. Then this plant is 3 meter tell and there were some flowers on the skin.

this is the plant, and the cell is from this plant

Then the scientist think this cell will help us to be strong. It will change people's DNA, and the people will be stronger then before. so, the scientist think this is a great discovery. And the scientist use the cell to change to the cell water, it color is red, and look like red ink with the water. But the dangerous thing is if the cell touch the fire, it will blast, and the power is very strong.

the scientist use the cell to change to the liquid.
We interview Anna and Angela. They said:" we are happy to earn reward." and they thank me to interview them to discover new cell. then we interview the principal, and the principal said:" Thank you for coming to interview us, we will be stronger then before, and we will create a science team to invent the new cell."
this is the girls to obtain the award.

That is a great thing to celebrate, and it is very helpful to us, then we hope those two girls can research other things. So we cannot imagine how amazing the future can be. T hen we need to thank Anna and Angela to research the new cell for us.


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