There should be regulation on genetically engineered babies. Gregory Stevens

I plan to analyze the genetic engineering of babies. This would allow scientists to change the height or eye color of a pre-born baby. It would also allow the curing of some diseases. It seems like a great idea, while we are uncertain of what the outcomes could be.

The picture suggests a perfect baby, possible genetically engineered, reaching out for the code that make up our DNA.

Genetically engineered babies could possibly present the cure for down-syndrome, tay-sachs disease, diabetes, and many other genetic diseases; But at what cost. The curing of these genetic disorders could lead to a form of eugenics, increasing the gap between the wealthy and poor. People with money could possibly become perfect human beings while the poor of society would slowly die off.

  • What are the outcomes of genetically engineering babies?
  • How do we weigh the benefits and the risks and decide what is better for humanity?
  • If we allow genetic engineering of humans, then how do we make it affordable for everyone and not just the wealthy of society?
This picture shows the humor in the convenience of having a genetically engineered baby.

In my research, I want to hopefully find more solid answers about the topic. Its already becoming a big issue in our society and I feel like people don't know enough about it. We don't know what the outcomes could be and whether or not it could even work. If it did work, what would be the long term affects and how would the kid react with all these changes to his/her DNA. This will dramatically affect generations to come and whether or not they have a natural birth or choose to have their kid created in a lab.

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