Power Plants By: jeff

What are Power Plants?

Power plants are a power station to provide electricity.Also there’re cooling stations. Power plants have scientist powering the station,the station uses nuclear fission to power. After the station is done powering the place it releases radiation.

How do Power Plants work?

First a nuclear particle called a neutron smashes into nucleus of a uranium atom. Then the nucleus breaks into two. Next they smash into more uranium nuclei and that’s called a chain reaction. Finally splitting nuclei is called nuclear fission.

Power Plant problems

On the 11th of March 2011 a powerful earthquake following a tsunami came to the eastern coast of Japan,the Fukushima power plant shut downed. But the some of the water got threw rooms and because of that the power plant hasn't fully cool down. After the tsunami several explosions caused from the reactors that have not cooled down. Also because power plants release radiation it causes air pollution,water pollution,and ectr.

How should we solve these problems

We should make them sustainable in case of a tsunami. We can also do something with the waste that comes out of the power plants,because all that waste pollutes the ocean and also the air. Many animals die because of this such as birds and fish. The toxins from the waste is killing the air so we can’t breathe. We need someone to help us or our population is slowing down.


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