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Testable question

The testable question is , how does the brand of diapers affect how much water it holds


We thought that pampers diapers would hold the most water because its the most popular and expensive


The indepentent variable was that we changed the diaper brand

The dependent variable is that the water is absorbing into the diaper


Huggies,pampers,target brand,kirkland brand,cup,clear container,water


1.Put 1 kind of diaper over the container being held by a person

2.Fill 1/4 cup of water

3.Pour the 1/4 cup into the diaper until the diaper until it starts to leak

4.Record how many 1/4 cups until it leaks

5.Repeat steps 1-4 with each different diaper brand

This diaper was kirkland and it did work as well as we thought. It took only 4 cups of water until it started to leak.

This was the target brand it was the best one and also it held 6 cups of water until it started to leak.

This is pampers, the second best it held 5 3/4 cups of water until it started to leak

This is the huggies diaper brand it got the same amount like the kirkland brand it took 4 cups until it started to leak.


In conclusion our hypothesis was incorrect. We thought pampers was going to win,but target brand won.What we could have done different was when the water didn't absorb into the diaper we could have counted that as done.

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