Blended Pilot Status Update November 30

Students work independently, in pairs or small groups or with a teacher to learn Algebra I concepts. This student is watching a tutorial created by his teacher and will then practice what he's learned on paper. He says he enjoys learning like this because he feels that he can concentrate more on what she is teaching and the headphones help block out distractions. He also likes being able to rewind if he forgets how to work the problem.

Working with small groups of students for short periods allows the teachers to personalize the experience. The close proximity allows her to check student understanding easier and helps students feel more comfortable asking questions.

Students have choices in how they want to engage with the material. Some students prefer working in peer groups with concrete materials more than the lessons on the computer.

This student explains to visitors how she works at her own pace on assignments and check her progress in her grade book using Google Classroom. The teacher posts tutorial videos, assignments and virtual manipulatives for students to access at school or from home.

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