The Kingdom of the Golden Dragon By Jayden, Thomas, Jordan, and Sherron

Table of Contents


The Lost People of Nepal

The Epic of Jacob

Adventure to the Himalayas

Where I live


Did you know that Mount Everest is part of the Himalayan mountains? In this magazine you will learn about facts of the Himalayan mountains such as the interesting fact that Mount Everest is the biggest mountain in the world. In the book the kingdom of the golden dragon by Isabel Allende, puts her characters on a adventure in the Himalayas where they encounter yetis and harsh environments. The snow leapord is the only leapord that can climb down a tree head first. The purpose of the magazine is to inform people of the Himalayas. In the magazine we have a poem about the culture of the Himalayas it is 2 Poems coming from people that live in the Himalayas. We also have a documentary about girl trafficking, as well as a children's book about the Himalayas, we also have a Heros story about the wildlife in the Himalayas.

The Lost People of Nepal

By Thomas

The Epic of Jacob

By Jadon

My names Jacob, I live in a village in the Himalayas my village is a very nice place. My village practices cool martial arts. It's based on the leopards we live with,I have two. One’s a snow leopard named Boomy, and the other is a clouded leopard named Tenzin.

Right now I’m practicing to get better at leopard paw ( our martial art ) I'm the best in the village at it. Even better that the adults but the elders say I'm not good enough yet and I'm too hot headed I don't get what they're saying because I could beat every one of them with one hand tied behind my back

I have one good friend her name is Hanna, she’s the second best in the village she alright we've had around 50 fights my track record is 45 wins 5 draws and 0 losses you can guess what hers is. Any way the reason she's my only friend is because the village doesn't get me our village is to peace loving while I love to fight, and when I grow up I'm going out into the world to fight all kind of people.

Well anyway that's just a little about my village now back to reality I'm meditating to gather my ki it's very important for our fighting style. Just like a clouded can climb down a tree head first, so can we. We even have a intimidating roar technique mine can can scare the chief even though he won't say so. "Hey Jacob you talking to yourself in here again " I turned around to see Hanna she had found my hiding place, it's in a cave near the village but she had found all my other hiding place time and time again . So it wasn't really that big of a Surprise. Our martial arts has some tracking techniques and Hanna's the best at those, but I'm close but I'm more of a fighting guy. " yeah I just do it sometimes what's your point " I said. " well it just proves my point that you're crazy" said Hanna. " yeah so what if I'm crazy, does it matter, so anyway what do you want." I said " well the just wanted time away from the village " Hanna explained " ok that's cool just don't bother me I'm trying to purify my ki"

if you didn't know with my martial art there are ways to purify our ki to make it more ours once I get through all my ki which I have a lot I will be able to use my ki. Think of it a purifying water so it has less dirt in it. You get rid of all the unwanted energy and keep the ki I've already gone through all my ki once and I just need like a week more to finish my second time. I've been working on this for that past year and I can't wait to get past this so I can do it again and continue to get more powerful, because as everyone knows the more pure your ki the better you control it and the better you control it.

Aweek has passed and I have purified the rest of my ki and I can't wait to try it out. I yell out" yeah, I can't wait to see how strong I am now. Hanna's still here and is looking at the village. She says " you don't have to wait to much longer to test it." " what do you mean" I ask nervously "look"she says I move towards the opening and see black billowing smoke coming from the village I turn to her and say" what are we doing here come on let's see what it is " as I run for the village she tries her best to keep up but I'm the fastest in the village I've run a mile in 5 seconds and that was before I had purified any of my ki so I'm much faster now.

As I reach the village I see man I don't know standing over the corpses of Bumi and tenzin. The man turns to me and says " I heard practice some strong martial arts care to show them to me" filled with rage I charge and him full speed I disappear from view and show up behind him with a kick coming for his head. As I hit his head it goes through his head and he punches me in the gut " your kind of fast, but not fast enough" he calmly says. I'm on the Ground but I get up and try and sweep his legs but he jumps and lands on my face with a good kick.

Out of nowhere a rock flies and his face it just goes through him and he appears with Hanna kicking a screaming I muster up some strength and run a him slapping his hand and caching Hanna and backing off. "Why are you doing this" I yell " don't you those animal skins are worth good money, and the rest just because they got in my way" he says as I look around I see the rest of the village in various places dead. I scream at the top my lungs and disappear as I change at him and swing violently. Hannas at his other side hitting rapidly too.

He slams Hanna into the ground and the ground shatters under the pressure. Hanna spits out blood. I'm still after him and he's dodging everything like it's nothing. He swings at me and I doge to the left but there a fist there waiting for me and It connects clean into my Side my entire body lifts off the ground and curves in as I spit up a tub a blood I'm on the ground and he says " you're good when you get stronger come for me I'll around, good luck finding me" as I sit there I try working on healing and I see Hanna and she gets up and start helping me up into the health hut.

it's been a month since that day and me and Hanna are fully healed and ready to set out and find this man.

Adventure to the Himalayas

By Jordan

Where I live

By Sherron Copeland

I live in the Himalayas

Where it's cold

But very beautiful

From the mountains and the snow on top of them I work for food

Not a job I hunt

Everyone hunts for food

Like animals or plants

They are very delicious

We have huts that we share

They are pointed

And they are made to keep warm

We wear costumes for different places They're 80 tribes and sub tribes

I have been to 14 tribes

All of them are beautiful

The huts have many colors

We have 3 main religions

Hinduism, Islam and buddishim

We have a lot of different languages The languages that are in

Pakistan, India and Tibet

We also eat yak

It provides us meat

And gives us protein

Yak gives milk as well

Hunting is very popular

We have endangered animals

Like the garwhal

The costumes we wear help us blend in For hunting it makes use hidden

And the animals Will not be aware

That is the life of a Himalayan

It is cold

But very beautiful.

The animals of the Himalayas

We we the animals

We are hard to come by And very scarce

Most of us are endangered Yet we are still hunted.

We live in the forest

And hear the villages

The villagers need food We have to hide


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