Shuffle, Repeat By: Jen Klein

  • Book Published: May 3, 2016 by Random House Children's Books.
  • About The Author: Lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two sons. She was originally from North Carolina. She writes young adult books. She is an Emmy-nominated television writer, currently writing the series Grey's Anatomy. She doesn't believe in writers block. She only believes in doing or not doing.
  • Setting of The Novel: Takes place mainly in a car and at the characters high school.
  • Main Character June Rafferty: She wants high school to end and real life to begin. She gets a ride every morning from Oliver to school. She has known Oliver since birth. She has conflict with Oliver because he is usually late to pick her up. Also, when they ride in the car together they fight over the little things that shouldn't even matter. She has an on and off relationship with this guy named Itch.
  • 2nd Main Character Oliver Flagg: He is the kind of guy that likes to make an entrance. He is soaking up senior year's "glory days" as he says. He has to pick up June every morning and bring her to school for their senior year.He has a girlfriend named Aimsley. Oliver has conflict with June because they can't seem to get along.

Summary: Oliver and June are forced to ride to school together every morning because their mother's are best friends. They made a deal for Oliver to drive June instead of June taking the bus every morning. The both of them try to come up with ways for this ride to workout without them making it awkward or boring. The drive to school is about a thirty minute drive. As the story goes on their relationship as friends start to develop more than just friends.

Writer's Style: I like the writers style. It's an easy book to read and easy to follow the story line. I like how the writing is set up. This book has 326 pages. I dislike nothing.

About the story: I like the books baseline. I like how the story keeps building off of one thing to another. That's what makes it interesting. I dislike nothing.

Theme: Having a close friend or best friend is better than having nobody. Where to having nobody can lead to being alone and singled out.

Point of View: Told from June's point of view.

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