Journey Log 8

Justin Wilcher Skankhunt42


Journey Log 8

Habits of Mind being used: Beginning

This week in English, I have been grinding out the large scale Minecraft builds that are due through out this month. To Begin, I Must complete my historic building presentation by April 6th and my Rhetoric Analysis build by April 13th. After not doing any of it over break, I realized I left everything to cram these last two weeks

From the Habit of Mind, Beginning, I learned to be mentally flexible and to be open to new ideas when beginning my work. Coming into it, I had no idea what I was going to build for my historic piece. After breezing through the internet briefly I decided to do the Roman Colosseum.

Honestly I do not know why I choose a round building with many arches for Minecraft, but I accepted the challenge. When it came to arches I came up with a design that used stairs and slabs to create a curved edge. For blocks I used sandstone as my material in order to match the color of the old material the Romans used.

I have also been getting ready to write a visual rhetoric analysis. After I switch with a partner I am ready to pay attention to detail and make sure to push an argument across on how the build reflects the villain portrayed.

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