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Richard Alvedon was born on the 15ht of May in 1923 in New York City. His mother was a seamstress and his father owned a clothing store which first sparked his interest in fashion. Later he dropped out of University and served in the Us Merchant Marine in the second war where he became a photographers second mate, taking I.D. photographs of sailors.

After leaving the Merchant Marine he went to the School for Social Research in New York t study photography where he studied under Alexey Brodovitch who was the art director of Harper's Bazzar, the pair became fast friends and Alvedon was hired for the magazine.

During the 1940,s and early 1950's he took minimalist black and white fashion photographs.In 1955 he made fashion photography history by staging a photo shoot at a circus. Alvedon continued to work for Harper's Bazzar till 1965 hen he moved to prestigious fashion magazine Vogue.


Although Richard Alvedon doesn't have a particular process he is most known for his simplistic black and white portrait style photographs.

Camera and Equipment

In the early dos Richard Avedon used a medium format camera which made 6x6 negatives and he then moved on to a large format 8x10 Deardorff Camera which produced 8x10 negatives.

Kodak Format Camera


Richard Avedon's Negatives

Final Photographs

Recreating the Process Digitally

My Take

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