Carbon Fiber By: Trenton Stotko

What is its original? Two natural resources carbon fiber comes from is (C3H3N)n and rayon


What is the chemical change required to make carbon fiber? A chemical change required to make carbon fiber is when characterized by long strings of molecules bound together by carbon atoms

What is Carbon fibers final form? some physical properties are. Hard to cut through, soft, stretchy, high strength to weight ratio, fire resistance and can conduct electricity. Some chemical properties are Density is 1.95 gm/cc, tenacity 1.8-2.4 (kn/mm2) and the color is black

How does carbon fiber affected the environment? carbon fiber affected the environment by it takes ton of energy to produce, doesn't corrode, degrade rust or fatigue it almost never recycles and it survives for a long time in the landfill

What was carbon fiber used for and why was it made? Carbon fiber is used for fiberglass, reinforcing fibers, tennis rackets, golf clubs, softball bats, hockey sticks, and arrows and bows. The reason why it was made is for airplanes and airplanes and automobiles

How has carbon fiber impacted society? The way carbon fiber impacted society is it can conduct electricity.

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