All over the world with Nella, Iida, Emilia


Nella’s WEEK

Last week I traveled in China. It was amazing experience and I learned so much about country’s culture.

Beijing is one of the most polluted city in world. Peking has a population of 11 million. To me I never got the that feeling that I was alone. When I walked for the first time on the street it was a shock how much people can be on a same street.

Chinese food was so good. It was spicy and I have never tasted anything like that before. We usually ate the food with sticks but first time when we ate we got forks and knifes. Chinese food consist fish, chicken, bread. Every night I suprised what meal I got in front of me. Chinese food is so much different in China than in Finland.

My meal

China’s sights were amazing! Chinese wall was my favorite sight. Chinese wall is 6000 km long. When I saw it first time I hold my breath. Chinese wall is a popular attraction.

Chinese wall

Trip was wonderfull. I loved to be there. Every hour, every minute, every second what i spend there was amazing. I learned how to speak chinese but just a few words. Maybe someday I will move in China.


Iida’s WEEK

We were exploring Australia last week. It was the most amazing experience! I have always wanted to go there and finally my dream came true!

There is a beautiful nature in Australia. The nature is one of the reasons why we decided to go there. Animals were the cutest ones we were ever seen! We saw for example kangaroos, koalas and quokkas that are one of the smallest wallaby species in Australia.

A lovely quokka

The first place we went in Australia was Sydney. It’s the biggest city in Australia and a population there is over 4,9 million. The town was full of buildings, restaurants and other people admiring the city. It felt like wherever we went there was always something new to see.

Sydbey Harbour Bridge

Sydney’s maybe the most popular sight is the opera house. No one of us don’t like opera. But I can’t explain how amazing the building was. Also the inside of the building was something so cool that everyone should see it someday.

Opera house, Sydney

From Sydney we took a fly to Melbourne. There lives about 4,4 million people. The city weren’t as big as Sydney but it still was a very big in my opinion. There was more impressive architecture, sports events and more things to see about the cultural side in Melbourne, if we compare it to Sydney.


And because I love art, the streets of Melbourne were like a heaven to me. There were so much street art that we walked like three hours or something just admiring the street art and taking awesome pictures.

From the streets of Melbourne



My country was USA. I have always had one dream. This dream came true last month when we travelled to Florida.

Florida is state in USA. The are lots of beaches, palm trees and really beautiful places. Everybody should know Miami and Orlando. These are big cities in Florida.

After first day in Florida, i was like “wow”. Everything was so beautiful.

First four days we were in Miami. Miami is so big city, there is over 5,8 million people ( almost the same as in hole Finland!).

American culture in miami was amazing. Every people were so friendly. They smile all time. And people in there are so helpful too. If you don’t know that where is some place is, they will help you with that.

Florida is famous of their oranges. I haven’t taste anything like Florida’s fresh orange juice. It was better than orange juices in Finland, I promise. Food in there was so delicious. After the trip i thought “there is only fastfood places” but that was wrong. There is a lot of good restaurants.

Florida is full of sightings. (But i still think that the blue water and beaches are the best sighting in florida!). Florida have lot of museums, zoos and seaparks. I have visited a few Miami’s sightings and couple of Orlando’s sightings. All of them was pretty good.

Last three days we spend in Orlando. 2,6 million people lives in Orlando. Orlando is smaller than Miami but Orlando is quite big too.

Life in Orlando was quite same as in Miami. One different thing is that Orlando is inland city (bye the way Orlando is Florida’s the biggest inland city).

I know that I will someday travel to Florida again.

xoxo Emilia

(Link to our traveling video )


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