Ghana By: Javier Ramos Badillo

Location: Western africa, bordering the gulf of guinea, between cote d’ivoire and togo. Geographic coordinates: 8 00 N, 2 00 W. Area: Total: 238,533, sq km

Land: 227,533 sq km

Water: 11,000 sq km

Country comparison to the world: 82

Area-comparative: slightly smaller than oregon

Land boundaries: Total: 2,420 km

Population: 26,908,262

Note: estimates for this country explicitly take into account

the effects of excess mortality due to aids; higher death rates, lower population growth rates, and changes in the distribution of population by age and sex than would otherwise be expected.


Noun: ghanaians

Adjective: ghanaian

Ethnic groups: Akan 47.5%, mole- dagbon 16.6%, Ewe 13.9%, ga-dangme 7.4%, gurma 5.7%, guan 3.7%, grusi 2.5%, mande 1.1% other 1.4%,

Language: dominant language is Asante 16%. Ewe 14%, Fante 11.6, Boron {brong} 4.9%, Dagomba 4.4%, dangme 4.2%, Dagarte {Dagaba} 3.9%,Kokomba 3.5%, Akyem 3.2%, Ga 3.1%, other 31.2%.

65 years and over: 0.86 male/female.Life expeectancy at birth: total population: 66.6 years

male: 64.1 years

female: 69.1 years (2016 est.)

country comparison to the world: LIteracy:172 definition: age 15 and over can read and write

total population: 76.6%

male: 82%

female: 71.4% (2015 est.)

The climate of ghana is tropical; warm and comparatively dry along southeast coast ; hot and humid in southwest; hot and dry in north. Ghana has three major landforms Burkina faso 602 km, cote d ,ivoire 720 km, Togo 1,098 km. Ghana's natural resources are gold, Timber, industrial diamonds, Bauxite, Manganese, Fish, Rubber, Hydropower, petroleum, Silver, Salt, Limestone dress/clothing

Government: Presidential republic [constitution]

Current leader: president Nana Addo Dankwa

Capital: Accra

Currency and exchange rate:

Major cities:choose two and explain landmarks, events,or anything else that the cities might have to offer tourists and visitors:

Currency and exchange rate: currency is ghanian cedi is worth about a quarter

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