Nature and the Good Life Nina Karlinsky

Nature on Display

I found the butterfly garden to be particularly appealing to me. When I entered, it was unlike any other part of the museum for you are completely immersed in the garden. It feels as if you are in another place, and for the moment, have escaped reality. I found the vibrance of the plants and butterflies to be completely uplifting, and put me in a very good mood almost instantly. I would not have learned about how butterflies interact with their surrounding nearly as well from just a picture or even a video. Getting the chance to watch it for myself in as close to a natural setting as possible was truly special.

Nature and Ethics

This exhibit was one that really showed the ethics side of nature, and using one's environment to its fullest, without abusing it. It shows the balance between taking advantage of the natural resources of the land while also appreciating and preserving it. "The River's Bounty" shows how these people from centuries ago thrived in the river through its beauty, water, and life. They created these tools from rocks and caught fish in the river, while also using the various plants to create medicine. This exhibit showed me that there are many ways to make use of the land around us, without destroying it. Throughout the museum, there were many opportunities to connect with nature. One of the main ones was the butterfly garden, as discussed above. Overall, the museum made me look at nature in a different light; not only as a source of beauty, but as a source of life.

Nature and the Human Spirit

This exhibit was very different, and I found it fascinating. I am still not exactly sure why, but I think it is the mystery of it. The mystery of picturing the rest of the shark from only seeing the teeth, trying to picture the large animal moving through the ocean. I think maybe it is the opposite contexts of it: the bright museum vs. the dark ocean. I have never seen a real shark in its natural environment, so I have always been very interested in them. This exhibit took me right out of my reality and put me in the ocean. Looking at these jaws made me think only about these animals and how they lived, and nothing about myself. When I started walking away, was brought back to reality and started to appreciate my own life just a bit more. I realized I do not have to move to breathe, I do not have to be feared by those around me, and frankly, I do not have to live in the ocean.

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