Water Scarcity/Egypt By Jamie-Miss Yeo

Water Scarcity/physical- physical water Scarcity is when the country or place physically does not have enough water, such as drought.

Economic water scarcity- economic water scarcity is when the place or country uses there water to much on other stuff such as watering plants.

Some of the factors causing water scarcity are that Egypt only receives 50mm-200mm of rain per year. This also includes the the extremely hot temperatures with an average of 37 degrees Celsius. Although Australia or where ever you live can sometimes be this temperature, Egypt is an extremely humid country which means it sometimes feels like 45 - 50 degrees Celsius.

This map above shows that Egypt is a part of the cost. Although they do have access to ocean water, they do not take good care of there ocean.

These graphs above show that Egypt people live a very hard life. They find it hard to get the availability to safe and clean drinking water. Some Egyptians have to walk more than 2:30min just to get 7 litres of water to bath and drink between 3 people.

These graphs show that people from Egypt can find it hard sometimes to collect the availability of clean water because of lots of reasons. It can be very hot most of the time and 95% of the time all of the rivers and lakes have a damp surface with no water at all inside, which is why most people die of lack of water/dehydration.

So Egypt, people know it as a horror story and others a relaxing holiday. Although Egypt does have lack of water let's make it a Peaceful place. If we all help each other and give each other a helping hand we can make a difference. And always remember if we make Egypt a beautiful and much better place then it is now, in future years it may be known as the cheap America.

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