Pretty Little Things. Make yourself dream of study.

In a good way of course. I do mean dreams - not nightmares. Sometimes it is hard to get the motivation to start your study plan. Or it might be hard when you are half way through and need a little kick in the butt. Either way, it gets hard.

Like when you wake up in the morning and go to work and dream about all the things you will do when you get home and you feel so energetic about it. Then your room-mate gets home and your slagged across the lounge Tea in hand (of course) reading the latest Penguin book looking all hipster. How do you get the motivation to keep going ? You get new things to use - like running shoes for running or fresh stationary for studying. We have already established that I am a nice person. So I will share with you my 3 Favourite stationary designers - so you can get your fix.

For every piece of stationary you purchase - they give the same to someone in need


Not only are they pretty damn good looking bits of stationary - they have down to earth morals that I am all about.

Jason and Jess from FRANK create notebooks, journals and diaries that are designed to fill your day with something beautiful; a pause, a breath, a grateful moment. Everyday is an opportunity to craft and design who you are becoming and who you want to be. Intertwined with these goals, Jason and Jess have set FRANK up to support communities in need by donating notebooks to children in need in schools. For every book you buy, we give a school book to a child in need in New Zealand.

So go fill your void and snap some sweet stationary up here

Say it how it is with Cheeky Fawn

I like to get straight to the point so when I see 'Eww School' and 'Get Shit Done' scribed on anything - I am in for the taking. This creative is from over the seas but somethings are worth their weight in gold. Like Cheeky Fawn's goodies above.

We make delightful pouches and bags using environmentally sensible materials. All of our bags and pouches are carefully handmade in Los Angeles by Vanessa Ordaz, with help from her furry pup assistants - albeit, they mostly just snooze. 8% of each order is donated to a non-profit organization that helps children in under-served communities. The current organization we're donating to is A Place Called Home.

Snap these pretties up from here.

Everybody loves a little Kikki K

It wouldn't be a stationary blog unless we included the masters of it all. If you don't know Kikki K you should probably drop out of your studies and spend the rest of your life making up for it. Or stay in your studies and be a regular purchaser for feeling 'out of the loop'. Even if it's not your flavour Kikki K herself is motivation enough to keep your life going forward.

It's hard to believe, but more than ten years have passed since the world's first kikki.K boutique opened. As I look back on this little business I started from my tiny one bedroom apartment, it's so rewarding to see how far we've come. Struggling to define my career path, I awoke one morning at 3am with a million ideas running through my head. At that moment, my partner Paul urged me to make a list of what my ideal career would look like. What followed was a determination to create a business that would connect me to my home of Sweden, draw on my passion for design, and allow me to be excited driving to work on a Monday morning. With clarity around my career goals, I began to set up my home office.

As expected - snap up their goods here.

Well that's my top 3. So go get yourself motivated - 2017 is just around the corner !

Christie X

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