Starving Artist Market Artist: Ebone Allen

Commissions- start at $80 for a 18x24in Canvas, for any other material (jackets, shoes, sheets etc.) Prices will vary.

Live Paintings- $20/hr A finished painting usually, (not guaranteed to) takes 2 hours to complete.

Depending on how detailed the painting is, you get to keep the live painting for $40 extra dollars once completed.

PAINTING PARTIES: Prices below are only allowed for 15 people or less. Over 15 its $2per head

  • 10/hr for up to 4hrs. Materials not Included. Adults Only
  • 15/hr for up to 4hrs. Materials not Included. Kids Only
  • 20/hr for up to 4hrs. Materials Included, One Bottle of Wine Included for every two hrs. Adults
  • 25/hr for up to 4hrs. Material Included, Grape and Apple Juice Included. Kids Only

For More Info: or call 504-249-1799

Instagram @_ebong

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ebone allen

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