Charity Diary Cover 2017 World animal protection ~ Journal ENTRY 1



The client of the diary covers is the World Animal Protection (WAP) organisation, those whom want to provide the safety of wildlife animals. These include animals and people first, eating our future (the environmental impact of industrial animal agriculture) , Industrial Animal Agriculture (part of the poverty problem and the next global crisis), humane and sustainable farmers.

Organisation's Logo
Animals suffering from disasters, in the wild and in farms


The diary covers are to be designed for animal lovers, children, any sort of people that have any sort of interest in animals and those whom are willing to help the wildlife and to help move the world in a better direction.


The purpose is to raise an awareness for the animals that are suffering. To seek help from the public to corporate support by becoming partners in this charity. By helpers becoming a partner in this oranisation, they become a part of couturier and mutually beneficial friendship. These relationships are the keys to ending animal cruelty. The diary will help advertise the awareness of the charity by having an image of an animal, the logo of the organisation at the bottom left corner and at the back where you can donate, with a quote.


The visual communication will be advertised and shown on diary covers. The design will be a series of diaries that have a different animals head on each cover, created using indesign and photoshop by using shapes and colours. This is a draft of what the covers may look like.


The restrictions for this design is that it has to be targeted on animals and appropiate for public viewers.



The WAP organisation is a non governmental organisation that help the wildlife animals from suffering. They work closely with governments, the UN, businesses and other animal welfare organisations, They continue looking for new partners to help move the world to protect animals. WAP work from five regional hubs, covering Africa, North and Latin America, Asia Pacific and Europe, travelling the world protecting animals from communities, farming, in the wild and from disasters.


People care about animals for economic and ecological reasons like good farmers, conservationist and/or for reasons such as justice and animal protection. how the society financially, scientifically, ethically or emotionally invest in animals' well-being influence the biological and moral significance of animals in our lives and in the society.


WAP has organised education courses and materials that help students worldwide to understand the importance of animal welfare, to build compassion and respect for animals.


The information and images that I have included, read and saw throughout the process of this research has helped me understand the importance of the help these animals need. It has effected the direction of my design to help raise awareness of these innocent animals that need to to be heard and helped. This helps me design the diary cover to spread the word of the organisation and with the image on the front, being an animal, symbolises to the audience what and to whom the charity is for.


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Journal Entry 2

Part A - Idea Generation


Time Management for Design Process



The use of the typography used on this notebook cover, has inspired me to use multiple fonts in order to catch the audience's attention, by creating it in a simple and meaningful matter. The colours of black and white, portraying a straight forward message to the viewers.


The visual concept towards this image is very strong. Without reading what the text says, the image portrayed has a strong meaning behind it. An individual scrunching up the calendar, suggests that the individual may be fed up with how their days are going, or as stated in the text ''I can't stand not knowing''. it shows anger and frustration.


This diary cover presents a typographic and visual concept that influences the struggle and puzzles that individuals experience in life. It uses different sizes and styles of fonts to portray the message. The visual concept is shown by the hands and the string as a web, suggesting to the audience that there's a way out in every complication.


This mood board will be shown to the clients (The World Animal Protection Organisation). The patterns, colours, typography, textures and images have inspired me to incorporate these elements for the diary cover. The elements I have applied so far into the diary cover drafts, relating to this mood board, are the faces of the animals, created using shapes on photoshop and craft materials, the colours that I used relate back to the organisation's logo and the textures/patterns were applied as the background of the cover.

Part B - Concept Development & Refinement


Created using InDesign
Use of Craft materials- fabric, paper clips
Materials used- paper, texts, feather
Draft using craft fabric
An idea for the background of the diary cover. Materials used: craft fabric & paper clips. This attracts the target audience of children or young adults, by the various of colours used.
Experimented with different typefaces that can be used for the name of charity and a phrase that may help buyers be influenced to purchase the diary.


I have experimented with different colours, textures, space and forms to see what works best and what meets the client's needs. The target for these elements are to be used in a peaceful, helpful and appropriate matter that allows the audience to care for the animals and to help them by purchasing a diary for a charity purpose, but also to have a diary that can be used for school, university student, personal and work use.


The most effective solution to get the diary cover to meet the needs of the client is to create a creative brief for them, showing them the brainstormed ideas for the design. To decide on the major plans for the project together. To discuss preferences up front with clients, whats a go or no-go, such as the colours, textures, typefaces, backgrounds and images that I have used and will be using for the design. I need to get feedback from the society/ target audience by surveying the aesthetics, what attracts them and what would influence them to buy a diary for the cause of helping the wildlife animals. To communicate with other designers to critique my design process, what needs to be changed and what will help the design in a better outcome. I need to allow my clients to trust me as a designer and to do that I need to take them along on my design journey of this project.


Choosing the right background
In what forms will the animals will be presented in


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Final Diary Cover Referencing

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Final Diary Cover
Whilst designing this charity diary cover I thought about what others or myself would want to buy or have as a diary. I tried including a modern look and I like how the colours pink and black work together.
Created By
yasmin najjarine

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