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The cause of the French Revolution was the nations debt and because of the clergy and nobility not wanting to pay taxes what so ever. Also the growth of enlightenment philosophy and a rise in food prices. All this did was increased power of commoners. When war was going on French went more into debt just to support the American revolution. The debt weakened the financial power of the government and forced to ask for higher taxes, because government raised taxes this is when the clergy and nobility opposed this decision. Nobles and churchmen enjoyed exemption from taxes and because of the government structure the nobles we able to stop the commoners from implementing the changes in tax structure. You ask if the French Revolution was a success or a fail. The French Revolution resulted in some success as well as many failures. When most of the outcomes came or was viewed as positive it also happened to turn out in a negative way. Different groups of Frenchmen had different suggestions of what the Revolution should accomplish. For example peasants were interested in food and clothing but the delegates were in favor of replacing the monarchy with a constitutional monarchy. Yes they were lots of failures and some success but violence and chaos was the main characteristics of the Revolution. Besides the reign of terror there were revolts of peasants against their lords and bread riots etc.

The bread riots
How much debt they were in during the French Revolution

What do I consider napoleon, a hero or a villain. Napoleon was a France commander who has fought lots of battles and spreading French Revolution. Napoleon took the crown for himself I think out of greed or just being inpatient, can't lie not every commander is perfect and does not make any bad decisions but napoleon has done more good than bad. Yhea he took away the freedom of speech and the equal mans of rights but he also brought success to France and expanded the government and increased new law codes that incorporated some of the freedoms gained by the people of France during the French Revolution. He had guided all of he men through wars that ended up in victory and it took 7 coalitions to defeat him. Napoleon had granted constitutions, abolished feudalism, and created efficient governments. Although his means to power and control is inhuman, to achieve power sacrifices must be made. No one has ever gained power without paying a certain price. Taking this into account Napoleon Bonaparte is in fact a hero, and will continue to be a hero. He caused France to gain power, become untied and even start a ruling system with legacies continuing through Modern day.

The Americans had thought the French were imitating them in their desire for freedom. There was hope the the French would win a greater degree of autonomy than resulted with the new constitution and its stron federal government in the United States. When news hit America that France was victorious fashion had changed to reflect republican dress in france. The way europe reacted was different at first they were to bothered about the Revolution. As the gospel of democracy spread Austria grew afraid. By 1792 france declared war on Austria wanting to ensure that they would not invade. As france started to become victorious more and more countries such as Spain and England got concerned.

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