Moving Air Waves

The local radio station 90.9 FM The Light will be joining the School of Communications in Green Hall on the campus of Liberty University in 2017, moving from its current location on campus in DeMoss Hall.

Photo used with permission of Liberty University.

The Light will be located near the Liberty Champion in the same building as the School of Communications. The stations current studio in DeMoss Hall has been its home since November of 2014, prior to that it moved from where it started in the courtyard in 1993. Station manager Jamie Hall said that the move to DeMoss in 2014, was always supposed to be a semi-temporary home until they knew where the School of Communications was going to end up.

“This has almost been a godsend, that now we’ve had these two years to make it even better. Considering this is probably going to be the final home,” Hall said.

Hall also said that the new station will not be much larger, but the layout will be more productive for the students and faculty using the audio labs and recording equipment. Another positive to the new studio will be the audio labs being separate from the live broadcast studios.

Although there is no definitive date on the move Hall is preparing for a move in the spring or summer of 2017. Hall said that if The Light must move in the spring then that would mean some of the audio labs would not always be available and they would need a temporary facility to set up somewhere to keep the station on the air. The move will depend on when construction finishes the new studio in Green Hall.

“If it’s summer I think we’re probably fine, it’ll take place over the summer and the students won't really notice it, hopefully when we get back in the fall,” Hall said.

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Broadcast Final Project

Liberty University’s student run radio station 90.9 The Light will be looking to make a move this coming year / According to station manager Jamie Hall the current location of the station in DeMoss Hall was always a temporary location and would eventually be moved to wherever the School of Communications ended up / This past semester the School of Communications made the move to Green Hall and now preparations are being made to be ready to move in the spring or summer of 2017 ///

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