WORLD ELITE "excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude"

The Program

As a player at a professional club you frequently meet peers with different nationalities on tournaments and international matches. During these encounters, you always play against each other rather than together. The World Elite program changes this. Within this program the best youth players across Europe are selected to join an intercontinental camp in summer and winter to train together. This camp focusses on much more than soccer skills; players extend their horizon with new experiences and are being exposed to different cultures. The World Elite trips focusses on learning from and with each other as a player but also to grow into a young professional with the right top sport mentality.

Our Story

Everything starts with having a dream. Regardless of your background, where you come from or what your talents are this can be the same dream. Globally soccer is a well known and much played sport. It is then no surprise that many children dream of becoming a professional soccer player when they grow up. To achieve this dream players need to be committed to training frequently and having the right mindset. Unfortunately, these conditions are not always reachable for everybody. The Soccer & Performance Academy aims to help all children that want to achieve something with soccer. Everyone, from street players to professionals can profit from further development and learn from each other. The Soccer & Performance Academy offers are range of programs, each with its own purpose and target group. The programs are structured in such a way that players can progress to a more advanced program based on their development. The ultimate objective for each player is to reach their maximum potential. The Soccer & Performance Academy inspires, creates and develops players across the world. The Soccer & Performance Academy connects.

Previous Camps

Last year we were invited by the Bermuda Athletic Association to attend a local soccer camp. Hakeem, Jenno, Solomon and Xavi trained and played with the local youth during a 10-day trip. Playing soccer together allowed the local youth to relate to the World Elite Talents and hopefully they were inspired by their peers to make their soccer dreams come true.

For us it’s important that our talents learn about the local culture and gain a better understanding of what it is like to live like a pro. What does it mean to be a world class soccer player? We teach them simple things like answering interview questions, signing autographs, or how they should behave at local events. The trip was a mix of hard work and fun but most importantly; they did it together.

The Activities

The purpose of the World Elite program is to develop the ultimate top sporter, even better than the current top of the game. Every camp includes a range of activities each contributing to this objective. Obviously, the details of each activity can differ per location or be achieved in a alternative manner. Within the camps World Elite talents:

  • Participate in a local soccer camp
  • Train together under supervision of the Academy coaches
  • Interact with the local youth
  • Follow mediatraining
  • Visit local sports matches
  • Take technical and performance related tests based on the Academy’s methodology.
  • The local youth also have the opportunity to be tested
  • Play a match. This is dependent on the location and the age group of the World Elite
  • Visiting and participating at local soccer clubs (or on the street)
  • Guest trainings from the Academy coaches within the local soccer camp
  • Relaxation and fun
  • Sightseeing
"The World is our Playground"
The Program is available all around the world!

Australia 2017

In July 2017 we want to take our World Elite players for a 14-day trip "Down Under". In Europe soccer is the biggest sport out there. Everybody plays soccer. Our aim is to show and share this passion in other continents where soccer is way less played. Taking a group of proffessional youngsters and let them interact with Australia's local youth during a Soccer Camp is what this is all about. The Camp will be partly organized by us and has mixed goals:

  1. Local youth participating in a Soccer Camp. At the camp they can interact with our World Elite Players. The players are from different age groups (born 2003 and 2007)
  2. Develop local youth by giving them master classes by our Professional Soccer Coaches.
  3. Develop our World Elite players by giving them private training sessions on site.

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